Pharmacoequity Research

CP3 Faculty Affiliate Dr. Utibe Essien coined the term "pharmacoequity" to describe a health system where all patients have access to the highest quality, evidence-based medical care. To advance the goal of achieving such a system, our faculty conduct research that informs ways to increase access to and cost burden from health services and medications and to decrease bias in health care and research. These are active pharmacoepidemiology projects conducted by our faculty. Read more about pharmacoequity in our JAMA Viewpoint.

Human vs. Analogue Insulin for Youth with Type 1 Diabetes in Low-Resource Settings: A Randomized Controlled Trial (HumAn-1)
PI: Jing Luo, MD, MPH
Funding Source: The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust; December 2021 - November 2024

Access, Quality and Equity of Anticoagulants in Veterans with Atrial Fibrillation
PI: Utibe Essien, MD, MPH
Funding Source: VA; February 2021 - January 2026

Developing a provider-facing intervention to address cost-related medication restrictions and improve medication use in patients with type 2 diabetes
PI: Jing Luo, MD, MPH
Funding Source: NIH/NIDDK; May 2021 - February 2025

Impact of COVID-19 on Drug Shortages
PI: Katie J. Suda, PharmD, MS
Funding Source: AHRQ; September 16, 2021 - August 31, 2026

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